Five Little Words For More Effective Copywriting

en-table-crumpled-sheets-around-image30899311Online marketing and copywriting go hand in hand. When it comes to wooing your target market getting your point across, quality copywriting is the only solution. Online marketing is full of stories where bad sales copy led to the downfall of entire businesses. Those online business owners who place an emphasis on only writing the highest standard sales copy will see meaningful results throughout the span of their business. Let’s take a look at some important tips to consider for online marketing with effective copywriting.

Focus On The Details

Copywriting is all about this little details which can persuade a budget-friendly client to make the purchase. There are certain ‘trigger’ words that have to be used to exploit and maximize the situation in the enterprise’s favor.

Let’s look at an example of what these details would entail and what the right changes could lead to.

  • Example A: “Purchase this product for $10 fee.”
  • Example B: “Purchase this product for a small $10 fee.”

Notice the difference between the two lines? Just the word “small” is added to the line to hit home with the audience. Surely, a minimal change of this kind could not bring in results?! This is untrue as even small changes of this kind can increase the return on investment for online marketers by 20-30%.

These little details help persuade customers to make the purchase. Just a little persuasion is required in most situations to help them pull the trigger and spend the money they were going to spend somewhere else.

Power Words

Copywriting that converts is all about power words. There are five little words that are so very powerful. These power words that should be included in all online marketing campaigns. They are:

  1. Instantly
  2. New
  3. Free
  4. Because
  5. You (or a personal name)

These are five terms that should be included in all sales copy. Of course, these terms should not be forced into the writing, but should flow nicely into the content that has been penned. These are words that tend to grab the attention of the customers. It is almost a subconscious reaction while reading the sales copy that has been written and the customer does not even realize it.

Use these terms liberally, but with great effect to get results that are going to bring in the money. It’s the little things that add up to produce great content.


Copywriting is a constantly evolving practice that requires skill and practice to complete the job in an eloquent manner. Years are spent on putting together the perfect formula to woo the target audience and it takes time. There is a reason for copywriters making outrageous salaries and it has to do with the talent in their finger tips. Learning how to use words effectively will maximize your conversions and your online marketing campaigns will bring in fantastic results.

Online marketing with effective copywriting is going to bring you the most customers and help you to remain a leader in your market.